After steadily continuing R&D to improve quality of products in difficult conditions and fierce competition for survival,
the company has been recognized by the global advertising market through selling goods in the nation and exporting to foreign countries
and achieved good results. Mass-producing goods after succeeding in developing technology for Smart Sheets for manufacturing light guide plates, actual image printing film Water Zero and LED light panel
Smart Light Box as SIGN market business, the company has firmly strengthened competitiveness in the market.

We deeply thank our business partners and advertising companies which have helped us achieve those results for their interest and encouragement. We will continuously suggest innovative business directions.

Corporate philosophy

Strategic partnership

We will maximize synergy effects
to pre-occupy the market through building strategic
partnership with the existing companies.

Maximization of synergy effects

We will reduce the production cost and improve quality
through innovative management to strengthen
our market competitiveness.

Active promotion of new business fields

We will actively promote new business fields based on development
of related technology for dote adhesion
which can be applied to 3D printers, LGPs, batteries and the fourth industry as well
as the existing printing media and LED light guide plates.

(Print Media)

(LGP Film)

(Light Panel)

- All members of Smart -